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Wednesday, November 19
Investigative service enters Adjara-Bet

The Investigative Service of the Finance Ministry has begun an audit of the online-casino Adjara-Bet. Head of the Investigative Service Press-service Giorgi Grdzelishvili stated.

According him, an investigation has been launched under article 218, which implies tax evasion.

It is unknown how much Adjara-Bet will have to pay as a fine, but according to current information, the Investigative Service accuses owner of the Adjara-Bet Building Temur Ugulava of tax evasion. He may be ordered to pay 80 million GEL. (IPN)

Ivanishvili awarded top International Rugby Board supporter award

Georgian tycoon, philanthropist and former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has been honoured for his immense financial contribution to Georgian rugby and received a top award from the International Rugby Board (IRB).

The IRB – the world governing and law-making body for the game of rugby union – awarded Ivanishvili the IRB Development Award 2014 on Monday, November 18.

The award was presented to Ivanishvili for his outstanding contribution to the development of rugby in Georgia and enabling it to become a formidable force in the international game.

Ivanishvili founded the Cartu Charity Foundation, which since 2008 has donated more than 100 million GEL to several rugby projects in Georgia, including building two rugby stadiums, state-of-the-art training facilities in cities and schools all over the country, partial funding of training and tournament costs for Georgia’s national teams and support of various development programmes.

The IRB official website posted a one minute video announcing Ivanishvili as the 2014 recipient of the 2014 Development Award, which stated the Cartu Charity Foundation had funded the construction of 23 rugby training and performance facilities in Georgia, including the Shevardeni and Avchala stadiums in Tbilisi.

"Rugby is now the leading sport in Georgia thanks to the Cartu Foundation,” the video claimed.

The IRB Awards were launched in 2001 and since then, the awards evening has become a highlight of the international rugby calendar. It is an occasion at which the IRB recognises and celebrates the achievements of those involved at the highest level of the world game on the field, as well as recognising the dedication and commitment given by those who work on a voluntary basis away from the field, and without whose labours the game would not survive, the IRB website said. (

Another Georgian citizen kidnapped by Russian occupants

Russian occupants have kidnapped Georgian citizen 72-year-old Dimitri Ananiashvili.

The incident took place in the village of Sakorinto, Kaspi.

According to reports, Dimitri Ananiashvili was taken to the Russian military base. (frontnews)

Kublashvili responds to Kvitsiani

The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia has responded to the verdict rendered by Zugdidi District Court and the claims of Emzar Kvitsiani's family against the court.

"They have the right, for example, to have a claim against the court and if they are not satisfied with the court’s decision, they also have the right to continue the hearing in the case in order to appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal. Then, if they are still unsatisfied, they can appeal it to the Supreme Court. All three instances will objectively and carefully consider any case, including this one", - said Konstantine Kublashvili. To be reminded, under the Zugdidi District Court’s decision, Emzar Kvitsiani was sentenced to 12 years in prison. (

Burjanadze speaks about the shame of the GD

The leader of the United Democratic Movement Nino Burjanadze told reporters about this while assessing the November 15 rally organized by the National Movement.

"The very fact that due to the inability and helplessness of this government, the UNM has managed to revive itself so that it has dared to hold a protest rally on Rustaveli Avenue, is enough to damage the image of the current government regardless of the number of people who attended it. If the Georgian Dream has the ability to carry out a normal investigation and bring charges against those people who have committed more serious crimes than Emzar Kvitsiani, Saakashvili would not be sitting in Kiev, but on the defendant's chair in prison along with lots of people who dared to raise their voice at the demonstration. The fact that the National Movement is speaking about the annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, while it has handed the Kodori Gorge over to the enemy without a fight, is a shame and disgrace of the current government", - Burjanadze said. (