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General Anderson Bids Farewell to 51st Battalion

Thursday, December 4
Commander of ISAF Joint Command Lieutenant-General Joseph Anderson visited the 51st Battalion of the V Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces at Bagram Air Base. At the end of 2014 the ISAF mission is coming to an end; therefore ISAF Joint Command is going to close.

Lieutenant-General Joseph Anderson said good-bye to the military of the 51st Battalion and expressed gratitude to the Georgian soldiers for their contribution in the ISAF mission. He emphasized the high level of preparedness and combat ability of the Georgian military servicemen.

The coalition forces are preparing to engage in the new “Resolute Support” mission. The Georgian side expressed readiness to continue the new NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan National Security Forces. “As part of Resolute Support mission, we are significantly less number seriously as we got 54000 we came to 12000. Every country – what they provide, what they contribute makes difference but in terms of security force, protection is nothing more important to ensure that mission can continue and the partnership with Afghans can continue”, stated Lieutenant-General Joseph Anderson after meeting with the Georgian military.