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Georgia initiates UN session over Russian-Abkhazian treaty

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 5
Since a treaty was signed between de-facto Abkhazia and Russia on the Alliance and Partnership, Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the UN Security Council for assistance.

Deputy Foreign Minister Davit Dondua states that the aim of the meeting is to attract international interest regarding the treaty. However, he admits that Georgia might not achieve its desired outcome, as Russia is skilled in lobbying for its own interests in the organization.

Analysts believe that the current government faced the treaty signing quite unprepared. They recognize that the negative reaction of the government after the signing of the treaty was right, but belated.

Analyst Kakha Gogolashvili states that the result of the UN session, if it is called, will be dependent on Russia’s reaction as well.

“Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and it might veto any verdict that contradicts its interests,” Gogolashvili said.

“However, if all the members of the council vote in favor of Georgia, it will be a positive sign for us and we should use such a situation appropriately,” the analyst added.

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tamar Beruchashvili, stated that Georgia was not going to suspend dialogue with Russia.

Gogolashvili believes that in a situation where Russia continues to occupy Georgian land, suspension of the dialogue would have been the better solution.

“If we do not want to even suspend the dialogue with Russia, why should the EU impose sanctions on Russia over the treaty then?” Gogolashvili asks.

Gogolashvili does not exclude the possibility that the current government was forced to continue the dialogue with Russia due to a direct threat from the country. “In this case, the government should publicize its arguments,” he says.

It is obvious that the current government’s position towards Russia is rather confusing. On the one hand it wants to call the UN Security Council because of the Kremlin’s occupying intentions, and on the other hand, continues cooperating and negotiating with Russia.

Georgia has been leading politics of balance all its history through, so may be this time it will again achieve some positive results.