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Thursday, December 11
Georgia, Turkey leaders agree on tighter cooperation

Georgia and Turkey are deepening relations in "all areas of mutual interest”, high officials of the two countries say. Georgia’s Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili met with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu separately in Ankara on Tuesday.

Beruchashvili and Erdogan discussed the strategic relations between Georgia and Turkey and welcomed the creation of the High-Level Strategic Partnership Council, which will promote wider cooperation between the two countries. The first meeting of the new Council led by the Prime Ministers of the two countries was set to be held in the first half of 2015.The pair also focused on energy projects of regional scale. They emphasized that joint economic and energy projects were important not only for the promotion of relations between the two countries, but also for the development of the region as a whole. The Turkish President reaffirmed his "firm support” for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as for Georgia's integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Meanwhile during her visit to Turkey, Berchashvili urged the international community to condemn the so called treaty on 'Alliance and Strategic Partnership' signed by Russia and Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia region on November 24.Addressing a joint press conference with the Turkish Foreign Minister in Ankara, Beruchashvili said the Russia-Abkhazia "illegal agreement” infringed on Georgia's territorial integrity. The agreement said within three years, Russia and Abkhazia would establish a joint military force. The Russian army pledged to modernize the Abkhazian forces. Referring to the agreement, Beruchashvili said: "Its provisions manifest Russia's intention to integrate Abkhazia into its economic social and legal system. “Beruchashvili added that Georgia needed the whole international community to stand strong and condemn the occupation. Meanwhile Turkey's Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said Turkey did not recognize the agreement signed between Russia and Abkhazia. He also claimed Turkey supported Georgia's membership to NATO. When stating Turkey and Georgia were close strategic partners, Beruchashvili noted: "We reiterated our readiness to deepen relations in all areas of mutual interest”. Later today, the three Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan will hold a trilateral meeting in Turkey's northeastern province of Kars. (

Minister of Finance forecasts Lari exchange rate decrease

According to Georgia’s Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri, the last weekend showed a stabilization of the Lari exchange rate.

"We cannot prognosticate anything, because it will be a fortune-telling and not a talk about the issue. The GEL exchange rate was influenced by many external and internal factors such as the strengthening of USD and instigating a stir. As for the rise in food prices, it has not been observed,"- Nodar Khaduri said. (

Parliamentary minority won’t support the budget of 2015

UNM and Free Democrats won’t support the budget of 2015.

UNM members underline that the budget isn’t socially-oriented. They say that the main financial document of the country doesn’t serve for development. Sergo Ratiani states that the increase of pensions and salaries for the teachers isn’t considered in the document.

The Chairman of the Parliament’s Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee says that the government will always keep the promises. (Rustavi 2)

Facts of mistreatment aren’t investigated effectively- Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association reports

GYLA evaluates the state of Human Rights Protection in 2014. The members of Association say that the situation improved in certain fields but there still are the challenges.

According to the report the problems are in the direction of women protection and religious minorities. The Condition of prisoners is also discussed in the document. The representatives of GYLA say that the investigation of the inhuman treatment of Prisoners often is ineffective. (Rustavi 2)

The President of Georgia awards Zurab Zhvania with St. George’s Victory Order posthumously

The President of Georgia has awarded posthumously the late Prime Minister of Georgia, Zurab Zhvania for his contribution the democratic building of the Georgian state, Georgia’s European Integration, the development of Georgian parliamentism and strengthening of civil society. The St. George’s Victory Order has been handed over to the family of Zurab Zhvania today. The widow of the late prime minister, Nino Kadagidze, mother Rema Zhvania, daughter Ana Zhvania and brother Gogla Zhvania met the President on this occasion at the President’s Palace today.

“Zura’s contribution to the development of the modern Georgian state is huge indeed, but I want to stress that Zura was developing not only the state institutions, but the whole society, media, civil sector. Naturally, along with the pain caused by Zura’s passing, we are full of gratitude for his deeds before his homeland. I shall say thanks to Zura’s family as well, because each of them – Mrs. Rema, Nino and Gogla were involved in what Zura lived with and what Zura was creating new Georgia with. I’d like to thank you and express my attitude towards you”, - the President addressed the family of Zurab Zhvania.

Today the President of Georgia also went to the Didube Pantheon to pay tribute to Georgia’s late Prime Minister, state figure and friend, Zurab Zhvania.

Zurab Zhvania would become 51 on December 9. (