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Eka Zguladze to be appointed as Ukraine’s First Deputy Interior Minister

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, December 15
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree granting Ukrainian citizenship to Eka Zguladze, the former deputy Interior Minister of Georgia, who is expected to be appointed to the post of the First Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine this week.

Poroshenko personally met Zguladze and signed the decree. He noted that granting Ukrainian citizenship to Zguladze meets the interests of Ukraine.

"As president, I count on her. I hope that her unique role in the government will allow for the the Soviet system of the Ministry of the Interior to be transformed into a European system," stated Poroshenko.

"I hope that after the reformation, Ukrainian police officers will stop taking bribes just as it was done in Georgia. I hope that we will ensure efficient work of the Inter-district Registration-Examinational Office and transparent work of internal security," he added.

Zguladze expressed gratitude to Poroshenko and said she will help in reforming the country’s government. "I will work for Ukraine and in Ukraine. It is a new country, a new project. It will be a Ukrainian reform," she stressed.

Earlier, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov asked Poroshenko to grant Zguladze Ukrainian citizenship.

“When the relevant presidential decree granting her citizenship is issued, I will complete the formalities by signing a recommendation to the Cabinet of Ministers to appoint Ekaterina Zguladze first deputy interior minister. I am very happy about it. There will be more competence, a better will to reform, and smiles in the Interior Ministry,” said Avakov.

Member of Parliament Minority Sergo Ratiani said that Zguladze is a professional and Ukraine will benefit from appointing her to this position.

“She was one of the reformers. She took part in many important projects while she was Deputy Interior Minister in Georgia,” stated Ratiani.

Member of Parliament Majority Davit Saganelidze said that Ukraine deserves better ministers and leaders.

“I think Ukraine has false information while they were making decisions about appointing former Georgian politicians to leading positions,” stated Saganelidze, adding that they needed to analyze the situation in Georgia better.