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Japan grants 1.5m GEL for environmental projects in Georgia

Wednesday, December 17
The Japanese government will grant 100 million Japanese Yen (1.5 million GEL) to Georgia to buy equipment and techniques necessary for identifying the risks of natural disasters in the country.

On December 15 the Georgian and Japanese governments signed an agreement in the Ministry of Finance where Japan committed to grant Georgia with 100 million Japanese Yen ($850,000 USD), as a non-project grant.

The agreement was signed by Georgia's Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri and by Japanese Ambassador Toshio Kaitani.

The non-project grant will be used by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources according to its needs, said the Ministry of Finance in a statement.

"In particular the grant will be served to improve the automated equipment of monitoring stations for appropriate assessment of atmospheric air quality in the country and to acquire techniques for determining risk of natural and anthropogenic catastrophes.”

The recent grant is an addition to the Japanese government’s earlier $2 million USD (3.6 million GEL) grant for completing environmental projects in Georgia. (