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Wednesday, December 17
“The government is preparing for early parliamentary elections”

The government of Georgia is preparing for early parliamentary elections, according to Society “Iveria”.

“Law enforcer officers in the regions have already been instructed to find reliable people for early parliamentary elections”, founder of Society “Iveria”; former Georgian Ambassador to France, Mamuka Kudava has said.

“The reasons of early parliamentary elections are: currency devaluation; the difficult socio-economic situation and failure on the international arena. The above-mentioned, will be reflected in the ratings”, the organization said. (Frontnews)

Latvia declares full support to Georgia’s EU association

Georgia is an Eastern Partnership front-runner, says Latvian Foreign Minister and vows his country will do "its best” to help Georgia reach its European aspirations.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics made his supportive statement two days before the ratification of the Georgia-European Union (EU) Association Agreement (AA) by the European Parliament (EP).

Rinkevics said he was sure the EP would ratify the document as "I do not see any obstacles in this regard.”

"We are moving forward to the full implementation of the Association Agreement,” the Latvian Minister said.

"I believe that Georgia has made tremendous progress in terms of the implementation of reforms, but it's just the start and not the end. Too much time is needed in order to carry out all the reforms. Maybe not at the Riga summit, however, Georgia has a prospect to be closer to the European Union.”

"Of course, we have a discussion with the Georgian government on many issues, including the judiciary-related topic and some aspects of the implementation of the Association Agreement, but Georgia and Moldova are frontrunners of the Eastern Partnership and we’ll do everything to support you."

The ratification of the Georgia-EU AA was scheduled for December 18 at the EP plenary session. One day earlier the EP planned to adopt two important resolutions in support of Georgia. (

Georgian Soldiers leaving for Afghanistan

The Farewell Ceremony for Georgian Military Servicemen was held at the Base in Vaziani. The Defense Minister and the Military Attaches of the Embassies of NATO member countries attended the event.

The Georgian Soldiers underwent 13 weeks training in Georgia and 5 month long training in Germany. They will participate in patrolling and rapid response operations.

The minister of defense says that participation of Georgia in ISAF mission is important not only for Afghanistan but also for Georgia.

The Military Attache of Germany addressed the soldiers on the Georgian language. “I think that you’re well prepared for the mission. 11 years ago I was in France and twice was in a situation when I was just lucky to survive. So wish you all to be lucky"- stated Bernard Hop.

The Family members of the Soldiers also attended the Farewell Ceremony. (Rustavi 2)

President presents two new candidates for Central Election Commission

The President presented to Parliament two new candidates to fill the vacancy of the Central Election Commission. Margvelashvili named Nino Tatrulaidze and Dimitri Javakhadze as the candidates for this position.

Prior to that the Parliament did not support two candidates nominated by the President. The new candidates participating in the competition were presented to Parliament in full observance of the Election Code. The majority believes that the candidates have to be consulted (Rustavi 2)