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Prime Minister summarizes 2014

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, December 18
Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili claims that 2014 was a year full of achievements and challenges, but now it is time to look ahead to 2015.

The PM summed-up this year’s activities at a festive event on December 16, where Gharibashvili and his wife invited the diplomatic corps, representatives of international organizations and Georgian politicians. The PM spoke about plans for 2015 as well.

Gharibahsvili recognized that the government made mistakes from time to time, but mostly it was successful.

“If we look back on 2014, this year was more or less positive for the lives of Georgian people. We did our best in difficult circumstances,” he said.

“In 2014 we signed the Association Agreement with the European Union, improved access to health care and education for our population. We are working to establish the rule of law and sustainable democratic institutions and we have increased exports and attracted more investment than in previous years,” Gharibashvili said.

Garibashvili stressed that 2015 will be a "working year”.

2015 will be the first year without elections. For many of you this will be a great relief,” the PM said.

Garibashvili also addressed the diplomat corps and international organisations working in Georgia.

“You are friends of the Georgian nation. Georgia wishes to be friends with all countries around the globe. We are planning to work with you in various directions next year. I am thankful for your friendship,” Gharibashvili said and gave the attendees paintings by Georgian artists showing different regions of Georgia as a gift.

The majority representatives assessed the year positively and excluded any snap elections. Vice-Premier Kakhi Kaladze explained that it is not necessary to hold snap elections.

The parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition representatives were not as positive in summing up 2014. According to them, the government has failed in several fields, including the economy, fighting crime and creating jobs.

When it comes to snap elections, both the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition representatives stress that they do not approve of pre-term elections before the election code is changed. They claim that snap elections will be beneficial only for the Georgian Dream coalition only, which has access to administrative funds.