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Tuesday, December 23
National Emergency Centre to offer services for disabled

People with hearing, speech and language disabilities in Georgia will soon be able to contact the National Emergency Service 112 via special audio and video messaging.

A project has been launched that will allow deaf people and those with speaking disabilities to phone the emergency hotline and communicate with the receiver. The project will officially begin in spring 2015.

The initiative is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Georgia and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

On another note, Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched a special website for Georgia’s deaf community. The website with online dictionary outlined 500 sign language gestures and was published in Georgian but had sections in English and Russian.

The website -– also had a search bar which enabled visitors to type in their desired word, to which a corresponding video tutorial will pop up for viewers to learn the gesture.

20-year-old recruit Nikoloz Ugulava found dead

Recruit Nikoloz Ugulava, 20, was found dead by the squad commander at his post.

Georgia’s Defense Ministry has released a statement in relation to the incident, according to which Nikoloz Ugulava had a gunshot wound to the head. As per the Ministry, investigation has already been launched under Article 115 (provoking a person to commit suicide) of Georgian Criminal Code. Military Police division of GAF carries out an inquiry into the case under supervision of the Main Prosecutor’s Office.

“The Ministry of Defense of Georgia expresses the deepest condolences over the death of the recruit Nikoloz Ugulava. Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of his family. Nikoloz Ugulava (born in 1994) had served in the GAF since October 4, 2014. He was fulfilling compulsory military service in the guard company of the support battalion of the Special Operations Forces.

The MoD will fully cover the funeral expenses of the recruit,” reads the statement.

Georgian businessman Mikheil Khubutia beaten by three guards at Tavaduri restaurant

President of the Union of Georgians in Russia, Georgian businessman Mikheil Khubutia has been beaten by three guards from the restaurant Tavaduri in Tbilisi.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has already launched an investigation into the beating of Mikheil Khubutia. The investigation is underway under article 125 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. He is being questioned at the police investigation department in Ortachala,” a representative of the Interior Ministry told Frontnews on Saturday.

Mikheil Kubutia together with his friends was in the restaurant on Saturday; he went outside to take something out of a car; when he came back, he was denied entry into the restaurant and he was beaten by the guards. He has facial injuries. It was stated by various media means that he drank a toast for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in the restaurant.

Company Algani provides security services to the Tavaduri restaurant.

Georgia needs to coexist with Russia, Ivanishvili claims

As former PM Bidzina Ivanishvili told the Public Broadcaster, other states have managed to coexist with Russia and Georgia should do the same.

“Our Officials should be committed to protecting the country from all threats. We should somehow manage to coexist with Russia and should never think about oppressing or lying to anyone. Generally speaking, if you want to coexist with someone, you should not think only about your own interests. Other countries have managed it and we should take heed of such examples,’’- Ivanishvili declared.

He also added that we should not insult the Russian state. ‘’However, Russia’s current policy is wrong and causes many problems throughout the world,’’- Ivanishvili remarked.

Georgian troops arrive in Northern Afghanistan for new mission

The Georgian armed forces arrived in northern Afghanistan for beginning new mission, serving as the rapid-reaction force under German command in Mazar-e-Sharif.

A reconnaissance company totaling about 170 soldiers will take part in NATO's new Resolute Support mission, which is set to formally begin on January 1. While the mission will no longer be oriented toward combat, the rapid-reaction forces will be there to protect coalition troops.

It will be significantly smaller and its aim will be to train, advise and assist the Afghan forces.

The Georgian armed forces were greeted by the Colonel John Tatunashvili.

Georgia will have a total of 750 soldiers serving in Resolute Support, remaining the largest non-NATO contributor of troops to Afghanistan.

Georgia has been assisting the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan since 2004.