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Reorganization announced at Maestro TV

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, December 23
Staff members of Maestro TV channel have left the media outlet. Among them is the anchor of the main news program Nino Zhizhilashvili, who also served as deputy director of the channel’s news field.

Several former Maestro staff members linked the reshuffle to Koka Kandiashvili’s possible appearance to the channel. Kandiashvili took certain positions in the communication direction of the government and is famous for his negative statements to the former government of Georgia.

Main Producer of the 9 o’clock News Sopho Zurabiani confirmed that several journalists left the station because of upcoming changes.

“We found out that from the new season, Zhizhilashvili’s News at 9 would be removed and be replaced with another program,” Zurabiani said.

Journalist Giga Gagua informed that the program would be anchored by Koka Kandiashvili.

He stresses that under Kandiashvili there is a risk that the station could lose its impartiality.

“We had a meeting with the channel’s leadership and they failed to give us a guarantee with regard to informational freedom. I do not want to work under someone’s dictatorship,” he said.

Kandiashili did not deny his negotiations with the channel. However, he stressed that nothing was agreed upon.

“We have been conducting negotiations since this summer. However, I have not made any kind of decision yet. These negotiations may last a few more months and I don’t understand why someone leaves the channel now and shifts the blame on me. I do not plan to have my show on this channel, we have not decided the format and context of my future program either,” stated Kadianshvili.

According to the statement released by Maestro TV, the organization has always wanted the reorganization, but due to the ongoing events they decided to start it now.

General Director of Maestro TV Baia Gadabadze stated that after the reorganization, news would be the channel’s priority.