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UNM’s initiative on Georgians fighting in Ukraine rejected

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, December 24
The United National Movement (UNM) has pushed forward an initiative that envisages granting an equal status to Georgians fighting in Ukraine with those that fought for Georgia’s territorial integrity. However, the proposal was rejected.

The UNM’s initiative followed the scandal caused by the statement made by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with regard to the death of a Georgian soldier in Ukraine a couple of days ago.

Aside offering condolences to the soldier’s family, the ministry shifted the responsibility onto the previous government. The statement released by the MoD read that former officials have appealed to Georgians to get involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Following the large-scale turmoil, the ministry removed the statement and stressed that the text was not agreed upon by the minister and was written by an employee of the MOD.

However, the UNM still believes that the statement was written by the government.

The opposition party initiated the above mentioned draft on December 22, through which certain amendments should have been introduced in the law of War and Military Veterans.

The parliament bureau did not approve the draft, calling it “legally indefensible.”

Majority member Gia Volski stated that the initiative was provocative.

“Of course we should care about our soldiers, and we should look after them. However, the status offered by the UNM is an official status, meaning interference in the war,” Volski said.

According to the opposition MP Zurab Japaraidze, the current government serves Russia’s interests.

Japaridze stressed that the party had confirmed information that the statement was drafted through the involvement of ministry officials and expressed the view of the former and current Prime Ministers of Georgia.

The UNM demanded the resignation of Defence Minister Mindia Janelidze and his deputies.

Meanwhile, the Georgians fighting in Ukraine have also demanded Janelidze’s termination.

According to them, in the 1990s, Ukraine was supporting Georgia and now they do the same in Ukraine.

“It appears Janelidze was appointed by Moscow,” said Davit Martiashvili one of the Georgians fighting in Ukraine.

The recent developments regarding the ministry are just a small section of the big argument that is ongoing regarding Georgia’s foreign course within the country. The UNM is trying to use every possible occasion to undermine the position of the Georgian Dream. Sometimes it accuses the GD of the shortcomings committed by the UNM itself.