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Russia may ban Georgian products

By Ana Robakidze
Wednesday, December 31
According to Russian media sources, Moscow plans to renew its embargo on Georgian products starting from 2015, which means neither Georgian companies nor local farmers will be able to export fruit, vegetables, nuts and tea to the Russian market. Reportedly, the same restrictions will be imposed on Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and only members of the Eurasian Union like Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will still be able to stay on the Russian market.

The ministry of agriculture of Georgia released a special statement denying the information and said Georgia continues to export wine, mineral waters, fruit and vegetables to Russia and this is not going to be changed in the nearest future. However, Georgia’s PM suggest the government carry out preventive measures, as Russian policy can be highly unpredictable.

MP from the Parliamentary Majority, Gia Volski says in the case that Russia decides to use its economic levers against Georgia, this will drag the country into a deep crisis. MPs believe it is necessary to set up a special commission of economic experts to work on preventive activities.

The United National Movement advises the government to work harder on export diversification and seek alternative markets to make sure Russia is not the only large market for Georgian products.

Russia gradually lifted its ban of 2006 on Georgian products after the government changed in Georgia. The market was first opened for Georgian wine and mineral water and in May 2014 fruit and vegetables were exported to Russia.