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Armenia’s South Caucasus Railway follows diplomacy on Abkhazia railroad

Wednesday, December 31
The South Caucasus Railway (SCR) company is following the parliamentary diplomacy with respect to the reopening of the Abkhazian railway, company General Director Victor Rebets told Armenian

Due to the absence of a direct link with Russia, there are numerous delays in Armenia’s railway communication.

The working group, which was set up at a meeting of the respective Armenian-Russian parliamentary committee that was established in November 2013, is commissioned to collaborate with the parliaments of Georgia, Abkhazia, and Russia.

The SCR chief noted that this matter was repeatedly discussed at the meeting between the railway companies of Armenia and Georgia, and the professional views coincide: avenues need to be found to reopen this railway link.

“But it is indispensable to decide on the political issues, too. Hence, the parliaments and governments are needed,” Rebets stated.

The South Caucasus Railway company is the concession manager of Armenia’s railways. (