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Georgia is the largest contributor of humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Wednesday, December 31
Georgia has given the largest funding of 5 million UAH ($316000) for medication to assist the most vulnerable people affected by the continuing fighting in Eastern Ukraine during the last two months, says Georgian born Alexander Kvitashvili, who was appointed as Ukraine's new Healthcare Minister earlier this month, having held the same office in Georgia for two years.

Kvitashvili, who became Ukraine’s minister cabinet member, as part of a fresh anti-corruption drive in Kiev, focused that the main funding for medication came from the World Health Organization (WHO), Georgia’s government, UN in Ukraine and the local business.

In totally, Ukraine received more than 40 million UAH ($2.5 million) in humanitarian aid since July 2014. The continued fighting has taken more civilian lives and led to further forced displacement of the population.

However, this 10 million UAH worth of aid consisted of medications.

At the December 28 press conference, Kvitashvili maintained that the Georgia’s humanitarian aid consisted of medications for treating diabetes, vaccines for children and essential first aid equipment. (