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Monday, January 5
President Margvelashvili visits border village near Tskhinvali

Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili has brought New Year gifts to Knolevi, the village near the administrative border of Georgia and its Russian-occupied Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia) today.

The President talked about the historical connection and unity of the Georgians and Ossetians when he visited a local family of a Georgian husband and Ossetian wife in Knolevi.

Margvelashvili called all members of such mixed families "heroes” and thanked them for "strengthening the border in very difficult conditions”.

The President also commented on the free trade process between the Russian Federation and Georgia’s another breakaway region – Abkhazia. He also talked about the draft treaty set to be signed between Russia and the Tskhinvali region by the end of January.

"The draft treaty set to be signed between Russia and the Tskhinvali region is hopeless,” the President said.

"Abkhazians and Ossetians do not have any prospects for development without the Georgian people. I hope that they will continue to move forward together with their Georgian brothers.”

Margvelashvili also visited the military base of Georgian soldiers in the troubled village and wished a happy New Year to them.

Meanwhile, all 35 children of the Knolevi village received bags of candies, while all seven local residents from the age of 15 to 18 were given personal computers from the President.

45 employees of the Georgian port of Batumi dismissed

45 employees of the Georgian port of Batumi were dismissed on December 31, according to the newspaper “Batumelebi”.

The dismissed employees held a protest rally near the port of Batumi on Wednesday.

According to the Deputy Director of the port Levan Pailodze, “the above-mentioned persons’ contracts have expired and the company is not going to prolong their contracts”.

According to him, the dismissed employees remain on the reserve list.

MIA detains three in connection with murder of two brothers

The officers of the Interior Ministry have solved the murder which took place in Dighomi district, Tbilisi.

According to the Ministry, Giorgi Kh. born in 1994, Besik P. born in 1995 and Mikheil V. born in 1991 have been detained in relation to the case.

As it has been investigated, the detainees killed their co-workers Aleksandre A. and Denis A. in their own flat and took keys of the Geo-Elevator office where Aleksandre A. had worked.

The detainees robbed the office after committing the murder and hid.

Law enforcers arrested them in several hours and seized the money and keys.

The detainees have confessed their crime.

One dead, three rescued after avalanche in mountainous Georgia

One person has died in an avalanche after a group of four young Georgian adventure seekers celebrated the New Year in Bakhmaro, western Georgia’s mountainous area.

The victim was part of the group of four 23-year-olds who left for Bakhmaro – Georgia’s highest alpine resort in the Guria region - on December 31.

The four got lost on January 2 several kilometers from Bakhmaro at 2,300 meters height above sea level.

Initially, two group members were taken by the avalanche but the remaining two members managed to save one of them.

The three then called 1-1-2 emergency telephone number and informed they could not find the fourth friend after the avalanche fell.

The searching activities were launched immediately by rescue groups, Georgia’s border police and professional alpinists.

Meanwhile, the remaining three friends were sheltered in a barn with firewood and a stove in the area where there was a high avalanche-danger. They refused to be taken by a helicopter to a safer place until the body of their deceased friend was recovered.

The searching activities ended in the late evening today.

Rehabilitation project of prisoners begins in Georgia

A rehabilitation project of prisoners will be launched in Georgia.

The President’s fund has allocated up to GEL 100 000 for this project. It aims at helping pardoned prisoners adjust to civilian life.

NGOs will also be involved in this project.

According to the project’s authors, each prisoner, who will be released and the inmates pardoned by Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili, will have the opportunity to take part in this project.