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Tuesday, January 6
Saakashvili conned Klitschko, choosing Poroshenko instead

Poroshenko is paying tribute to Mikheil Saakashvili by appointing his proteges in the Ukrainian government, claims Irakli Gogava, former head of the “Alliance-New Georgia” faction and political consultant of Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko in 2009-2010.

According to him, Saakashvili was paid tribute to by Poroshenko for his lobbying efforts in the United States.

"We have to analyze the change of power in Ukraine - unfortunately, it took a carousel-like spin and one oligarchic clan was replaced with another. Appointing Saakashvili’s proteges in the Ukrainian government is Poroshenko’s tribute to Saakashvili, who had been lobbying him as a presidential candidate in the United States,”- Gogava said.

In addition, the former MP said Klitschko had earlier asked Saakashvili to lobby for him in the United States, but in the end, Saakashvili chose Poroshenko over him.

"If you remember, in 2013, after the Maidan events, Vitali Klitschko was named as the most popular political figure by all opinion polls in Ukraine, while Poroshenko’s rating was only 5-6 percent. I also remember Vitali Klitschko following Saakashvili everywhere, be it Kiev, Tbilisi or Europe.

The point was that Klitschko asked Saakashvili to lobby for him in the U.S. to become the opposition's presidential candidate, and he had every chance for it. He was the most popular politician in the Maidan camp.

However, all of a sudden a dramatic change occurred and Poroshenko took the top spot in all surveys. It was the result of Saakashvili’s successful lobbying. He conned Klitschko and chose oligarch Poroshenko instead, for whom Saakashvili’s lobbying was invaluable. When you have a conflict with Russia, U.S. support is vitally important,”- he said.

According to Gogava, Saakashvili and Poroshenko had a joint business once.

"Poor-quality “Bogdan" buses were bought by the Georgian government from Poroshenko,”- he said.

Georgia expects cold weather on January 9-10

The cold weather will hit Georgia and its regions on January 9-10.

According to forecasters, temperatures are expected to drop as low as –5°C in western Georgia, while temperatures are expected to drop as low as –12°C in eastern Georgia.

On January 7-8 temperatures are expected to drop as low as –5°C In the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Georgia's defence minister meets with the US army general

Mindia Janelidze met with the Resolute Support Mission Commander, U.S. Army General John F. Campbell within the official visit to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Mindia Janelidze and the American General talked about the involvement of the Georgian Armed Forces in the Resolute Support Mission. The conversation also touched upon the security issues. General Campbell emphasized the professionalism of the Georgian soldiers and thanked them for participating in the international peacekeeping missions. He also noted that Georgia still remains one of the largest non-NATO contributor countries in the international mission. The Georgian Minister’s official visit to Afghanistan ended with the meeting with the Resolute Support Mission Commander.

Prices increase in Georgia

The prices rise in Georgia. The National Statistics Office of Georgia reports that the inflation rate reached 2 % during last year. Reportedly the prices on food increased in 2, 5 %.

The most significant price inflation was on fruit (21%), milk, cheese and eggs (3, 9%) and fish (3, 2%).The prices on oil and fat reduced.

The price of Consumer goods also increased in 4 %.

Legal procedures of transferring Father Ilia’s body almost complete - Kakha Sikharulidze

According to Georgian Ambassador to Italy Kakha Sikharulidze, all legal procedures have been over in relation to transferring Father Ilia’s body to Georgia.

As Kakha Sikharulidze told Rustavi 2 TV, next week the body will be transferred to Georgia.

‘’Father Ilia’s body is in Bari now,’’ the Ambassador said.

The Norman Atlantic ferry caught fire last week in Adriatic Sea. There were 500 people aboard the ship including eight Georgians. All of them are safe and alive except Father Ilia.

Penalties to be imposed on Georgian teachers for violating school regulations

The Ministry of Education of Georgia has approved the disciplinary procedure for teachers.

The Ministry of Education of Georgia has approved the disciplinary procedure for teachers. According to the regulations, teachers will be rebuked or dismissed from office in case of violation of the regulations, however, the amendments do not provide the imposition of financial sanctions on a teacher. As the Head of General Education Management and Development Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, Nino Kvitaishvili said, the committee should take a decision in two weeks, but the school principal will still have to make a final decision. The regulation came into force on January 1, 2015.