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New technical railway school opens in Tbilisi

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, January 6
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has initiated a project through which a new Technical railway school will be soon opened in Tbilisi.

A memorandum was signed by Minister of Education and Science Tamar Sanikidze, General Director of the Georgian Railway Irakli Titvinidze and Rector of Tbilisi Technical University Archil Prangishvili on January 5 2015 with regard to the issue.

Sanikidze claims that the new school will be of European standards.

“This school will have a curriculum according to European standards. Based on the program the government and various universities or institutions collaborate and encourage future professionals,” she said.

Georgian Railway will employ the students of the school in the future and assists them in gaining practical knowledge.

“This project gives us an opportunity to support the people we would need in the future. The fact is that the technical world is developing every day and we need to be sure in our staff’s qualification,” stated Titvinidze.

The Technical University of Georgia will ensure teaching through its staff before the Ministry of Education provides them with educational programs.