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Manat most stable currency in CIS

Thursday, January 8
"Manat even strengthened against dollar by 0.01%."

The most stable currency in the CIS and Eastern Europe remains the Azerbaijani manat.

Oxu.Az reports that it was stated in the article "The dynamics of exchange rates of the CIS and Eastern Europe" posted in "Business newspaper" (Belarus).

As noted in the article, manat is the most stable currency, which in fact is recently tied to the US dollar due to large foreign currency reserves.

"In December, the leader of the devaluation of the currencies of the CIS and East European was the Belarusian ruble - for the first time since the fall of 2013; in the IV quarter and in the II half - Russian ruble. In general, for 2014 Ukrainian hryvnia depreciated most. Based on the oil and gas industry Azerbaijani manat - the most stable currency in fact recently tied to the US dollar due to the large foreign exchange reserves of the country. The only country that did not prevent the devaluation of its currency to the US during the year is Azerbaijan. Manat even strengthened against the dollar by 0.01%", the material says. (