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19 year-old boy found

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, January 8
Giorgi Adeishvili, 19, from Samtredia, who was lost for two days, returned to his family on January 7.

According to Adeishvili’s family, he was beaten by policemen and was left in the street.

“My son was coming back home when he was attacked and severely beaten by police officers. But somehow he managed to escape and hid in one of the villages of Samtredia from where he contacted us through the assistance of the Christmas Alilo marchers. He called us by their cell phone and we took him home. He is beaten so badly that he has speech and movement difficulties,” said Tea Telia, Adeishvili’s mother.

According to the Interior Ministry, the General Inspection of the ministry has started an investigation over Adeishvili’s case. No additional comments have been made by the ministry yet.