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Reinforced Company of 4th Mechanized Brigade Transferred Authority

Friday, January 9
The Reinforced Company of IV Mechanized Brigade officially got involved in the “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan. The solemn transferred of authority ceremony was held on the German military base “Marmal” in Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan.

The representation of the North Command attended the solemn ceremony. Georgian and German state anthems were also performed. Commander of the reinforced company, Major Vakhtang Begoidze transferred authority of international mission from the Commander of German unit.

The Georgian company has already launched performing all tasks with full spectrum. The main duty of the Georgian soldiers is rapid reaction and control of patrolling area.

The reinforced company of the IV Mechanized Brigade is the first unit which carries out “Resolute Support” mission on the German base in Mazer-i Sharif.