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Talks on building oil refinery in Supsa fail to take place

Monday, January 12
A number of investors were interested in building an oil refinery in the port of Supsa, but the talks didn’t take place, Georgian economy minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, told reporters Jan. 9.

“As far as I know, a certain group was interested, but then the negotiations stopped, but not because of us,” Kvirikashvili said. “The other side showed no interest, so we decided, based on state interests, to announce a statement of interest there where we were going to do so, that is, in Poti.”

He mentioned that some amount of money was spent, but, he is not aware of what studies have been conducted.

The minister is also not aware of Russia’s interest in the project.

“In any way, those we had on this matter, in particular on Supsa, clearly didn’t represent Russia,” he added. “It is unethical to name specific names, and I will not do so.”

Kvirikashvili further said there was the Georgian citizen Giorgi Chanturia, who decided to publicize the issue.

“There were other as well, but no interests of Russia and Russian companies were observed,” the minister said, adding “Although, nothing can be excluded.”

He didn’t rule out the presence of such interest, saying “but we didn’t go in that direction. This is important.”

The minister also said he isn’t involved in any negotiations regarding Supsa.

“If someone has interest in construction of an oil refinery in Supsa, they may declare their interests before Feb. 1,” he said.