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Georgia plans to build refinery in Poti

Monday, January 12
The government of Georgia plans to build an oil refinery not in Supsa, but in Poti, the First Deputy Economy Minister of Georgia Dimitry Kumsishvili told reporters Jan.8.

He was commenting on the information of the ex-head of the Georgian International Oil Corporation (GIOC) Giorgi Chanturia that it is planned to create an energy hub in Supsa, including the construction of a refinery.

Kumsishvili said that the Georgian government announced a survey of interests for the construction of the refinery on the island Nabadi in Poti.

Documentation in connection with the survey of interests is posted on the websites of the ministry of energy and the government of Georgia, he said.

“We are waiting for the reaction of investors to this project,” said Kumsishvili. “As for the statement of Chanturia, it is only words. We announced the survey of interests for the construction of refinery not in Supsa, but in Poti.”

The deputy minister said that the new refinery should have capacity of processing crude oil of at least 2 million metric tons per year, and the first products should be produced at the refinery in early 2019.

He said that in connection with the construction of the new plant, new jobs will be created, and foreign investments will be made into the economy.

He also said that Russia showed no interest towards the construction of the refinery.

Russian media outlets reported earlier that along with Russia, Georgia plans to build an energy hub in Supsa. Allegedly, the hub will serve as “a bridge of friendship” between the South Caucasus, Russia and EU.

Within the energy hub project framework, the Supsa Oil Refinery is the first venture to be executed in Supsa.