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Tuesday, January 13
Ivanishvili abandons TV show idea

The launch of the talk show has been postponed several times. Finally, in the end of 2014, it was announced that it would go on air in February.

Vasil Maghlaferidze, the producer of the talk show ‘2030’, confirmed to several Georgian media outlets that it would go on air in February, probably in the end of the month. Bidzina Ivanishvili, who initially was supposed to be one of the hosts, will instead play a role as ordinary guest, the producer said.

“He will appear in the same frequency as others,” Maghlaperidze said to Rezonansi newspaper.

According to him, the TV program will have three hosts and go on air on the entertainment channel GDS TV, owned by rapper Bera Ivanishvili, the former PM’s son.

The name of the TV channel is an abbreviation of Georgian Dream Studio, after the political movement launched by his owner’s father in 2011 that wrested power from Mikheil Saakashvili’s National Movement in 2012.

Maghlaperidze said that ‘2030’ would be ‘an analytical and informational’ program that wouldn’t align itself with any political bloc.

The name of the program, ‘2030’, is derived from a statement made by Ivanishvili that by the year 2030, Georgia will have become an ordinary European democratic state.

NATO-Georgia Commission will discuss Georgia’s progress

NATO-Georgia officials are set to gather in Brussels this week to discuss how the process of reforms is going in Georgia and how NATO assists to that process.

The NATO-Georgia Commission (NGC) meeting will be held on January 14 at NATO headquarters in Belgium, Georgia’s Foreign Minister Spokesperson David Kereselidze said today.

The delegation from Georgia will attend the meeting together with representatives of the 28 Alliance member states.

The parties will discuss Georgia’s Annual National Program (ANP), the document which reflects Georgia's short- to medium-term strategy, covering various issues ranging from purely military reforms to foreign and security policy and economic development.

Although the meeting will be held at the level of ambassadors, Georgia’s State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration David Bakradze and First Deputy Foreign Minister David Dondua will also participate in the discussions.

Georgian officials said Georgia perceived the ANP as an integration instrument. The country annually develops this document since 2009, which is later reviewed by the allies.

The document reflects all the substantial reforms and issues that assist in bringing Georgia closer to NATO standards.

The NATO-Georgia Commission (NGC) was established in September 2008 to serve as a forum for both political consultations and practical cooperation to help Georgia achieve its goal of membership in NATO.

Current head of Supreme describes his future replacement

The Supreme Court Chairman of Georgia refrains from talking about his substitutes and says that despite the political appointment, the Chairman must be principal.

"I do not want to make assessments on certain candidates, until this issue is finally resolved. However, they must not have a political background. Of course, the appointment procedure is partly political because a candidate is nominated by the president and appointed by the Parliament. Nevertheless, in the US, this fact does not prevent chairs to be very principle while discussing cases. The same procedures should be carried out in Georgia, too", - said Kublashvili. Konstantine Kublashvili’s term of office expires in February, 2015.

Estonian Prime Minister pays visit to Georgia

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Riivasi Roivas has visited Tbilisi.

According to the government’s administration, the two-day visit included meetings with the Prime Minister, the President and the Parliament Speaker of Georgia.

The Prime Ministers of Georgia and Estonia held a joint press conference. They also attended the Georgian-Estonian business forum.

Road collapses on Elbakidze ascent

The road collapsed on Elbakidze ascent on Monday.

According to reports no one has been injured due to the above-mentioned.

Traffic movement is banned on this section of the road.

Police officers and rescuers are at the scene.