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Georgia to clamp down on litter bugs

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, January 13
The Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to launch a new fine system for environmental pollution in Georgia starting on January 15.

A new Waste Management Code will come into effect with the goal of regulating household, municipal, construction and other types of waste transportation and storage.

The minimal fine for littering will be 120 Gel.

Fines will be applied to the improper disposal of cigarette butts, food and any other types of refuse. In the case of private transport, the transport owner will be fined for dropping litter from his vehicle, while in the case of public transport, passengers will also be fined.

The Patrol Police Department, with the local self-governing agencies and the corresponding departments of the Ministry of Environment Protection, are responsible for fulfilling the new law.

Deputy Director of the MIA Patrol Police Levan Machavariani spoke about the necessity of adopting the new law.

According to him, the new law will improve the situation regarding environmental problems all over the country.

“Environmental pollution is expected to be significantly reduced once the Waste Management Code is implemented,” stated Machavariani.