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Situational Training at Algeti Training Base

Thursday, January 29
The 43rd Battalion of the 4th Mechanized Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces is preparing to participate in the “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan. The personnel of the military unit held a demonstrative training on Algeti Training Base.

Chief of the 43rd Battalion Staff, Major Koba Chanadiri delivered information to the invited guests about the progress of the exercise.

Defence Minister of Georgia Mindia Janelidze, First Deputy minister Gocha Ratiani and Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze attended the exercise. Top brass of the MoD, Head of NATO Liaison office to Georgia, William Lahue and the representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia visited Algeti training base as well.

The exercise aimed at demonstrating the skills adopted during 2 week-long preparation. The exercise was organized under the support of Infantry Battalions’ Training and Retraining Centre of the National Training Centre “Krtsanisi”, US Marine Corps and Afghan culture and language instructors.

The demonstrative exercise was led according to a staged scenario maximally closer to the Afghan reality. The personnel of the 43rd Battalion conducted a combined operation which involved preceding inspection, attack by using indirect fire on the forward base, motorized patrol and combined attacks on the central base. According to the scenario, the military servicemen evacuated the wounded and dead people in the final part of the exercise. Afterwards, they held “Shura” with the Malik-elders of the village and informed them of the conducted operation. Special purpose vehicles, UAVs and helicopters also took part in the exercise.

At the end of the exercise Minister Mindia Janelidze and Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze spoke with the military of the 43rd Battalion.

The Georgian military are going through intensive preparation for the peacekeeping missions. The military personnel underwent field-tactical training at the training base “Algeti” throughout two weeks. Following the exercise, 43rd Battalion will leave for Germany to perform mission-oriented preparation there. The preparedness level of the Georgian military will be evaluated by members of the US Joint Multinational Readiness Centre (JMRC) along with Georgian observers.