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Colonel Roman Jokhadze Visits Wounded Soldiers in Hospital

Thursday, January 29
Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces visited Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in the German Federation Republic. Colonel Roman Jokhadze met with two military servicemen – Major Zaza Turmanidze and Captain Mikheil Liparteliani who are undergoing medical treatment in hospital.

Colonel Jokhadze received detailed information about the health condition of the Georgian military. The high military official of the General Staff of the GAF thanked the soldiers for their service, wished them soon recovery and awarded with the medals “For Combat Wound”.

Officer of G-4 Technical Control and Planning Sub-Division of the 5th Infantry Brigade, Major Zaza Turmanidze and senior officer of G-2 Intelligence Division of 2nd Artillery Brigade, Captain Mikheil Liparteliani got injuries while carrying out ISAF international mission in Afghanistan.