The messenger logo - Georgian-made social network on billboards

Friday, January 30
Two Georgian developers created innovative social network which connects virtual world with the reality. This is the new way of communication where users can post on the billboards in the streets.

Financier Bakar Maruashvili and marketing specialist Giorgi Gurgenidze invented first social network connecting online and physical world using walls of buildings in Seattle, United State.

‘People Deserve Public Stages’ this is a slogan of new Social Network named Deehubs.

Deehubs is a social network where people post their photos, massages, ideas, and congratulations in streets by using projectors and digital billboards.

New product unites ordinary people and advertisers. People post content and play games on billboards while advertisers in real time place targeted and contextual commercials.

"Some people want to become cops to protect the system, while others want to become vandals to create better looking world, we are looking for vandals. People who never abandon their dreams and even in their hard times they are chasing for their stars,” creators of the Deehubs said.

To say something meaningful and important to the world there are several easy steps: upload text or photo on the Deehubs website, than write name and e-mail and it is done.

New social network has founded on January 2013 and is going to spread across the globe. (