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Ivanishvili releases his political messages

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 30
The founder of the Georgian Dream coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili quit politics a while ago.

However, the opposition United National Movement keeps claiming that Ivanishvili plays a leading role in the country.

In a recent interview he downplayed a return to politics.

“I will take office only if something disastrous takes place,” he said.

He stressed that he still enjoys a high rating and his return to Georgian politics might hinder the development of civil society.

“People should know that they are patrons of the country and not any government or influential leader,” he said.

Ivanishvili touched upon the controversy between the president and the prime minister, stressing that President Margvelashvili opposes the team that groomed him for his current post.

“Disagreement between political leaders should not damage the state’s interest,” Ivanishvili said.

Ivanishvili emphasized that he has the same positive view about the government as he had two years ago.

“I left a European-type government and they followed the path,” Ivanishvili suggested.

It is unclear to Ivanishvili why there are certain claims towards the current government.

He highlighted that the ongoing situation with the Lari and its devaluation was a natural, healthy fact.

The former PM informed that his team will make a movie about the previous government.

“We will also do a two-year analysis of the Georgian Dream government rule,” he said.

Ivanishvili stressed that most powerful TV channels are still owned by the former government members and they constantly mislead people.

Ivanishvili excluded the possibility of snap parliamentary elections. However he admitted that this might happen in extraordinary circumstances.