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Rally held by Patriot Alliance

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, February 2
A rally was held by the Patriots’ Alliance on Rustaveli Avenue on January 31. The main demand of the participants and organizers was the restoration of justice in the country and the fulfillment of promises given by the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition prior to winning the election.

Patriots’ Alliance leader Irma Inashvili, said that the purpose of the rally is for the voice of the public to reach public officials.

“We are calling on the government to stop its cohabitation with members of the former government (The United National Movement). We call on the government to punish the criminals and finally investigate all cases. If the GD fulfilled its given promises, terrorism and violence would not be encouraged in Georgia now,” stated Inashvili.

Another member of Patriots’ Alliance Davit Tarkhan-mouravi said that GD has time until March.

“If the government does not fulfil our demands, we will start constant rallies and use extreme ways,” stated Tarkhan-mouravi.

Ia Metreveli mother of Amiran (Buta) Robakidze, who was killed during a police special operation, said that she wants to see members of the former government in prison.

“Zero tolerance toward criminals… they all must be punished,” stated Metreveli.

Inashvili also said that the rally people are letting the world know that people who they name political refugees in fact are criminals and must be punished.

The Patriots’ Alliance party restarted its existence in 2013.