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Foreign Minister: Talks with Russia must continue

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, February 6
Georgia’s Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili sees Russia as a threat, but states that the only option is to continue with maintaining dialogue with Moscow.

“Of course Russia is a very difficult partner today, and not only for Georgia. By ignoring principles and violating standards, Russia sets a very dangerous trend. Therefore, serious efforts are necessary, along with devising the proper approach,” Beruchashvili said.

According to her, Georgia is trying to de-escalate relations with Russia, but Moscow’s policy continues to violate Georgia’s territorial integrity.

“The so-called agreement signed between Sokhumi and Moscow represents another step towards annexation. A similar agreement is being prepared with South Ossetia and this is a very dangerous trend,” she said.

Beruchashvili viewed the occupied regions as a major challenge for Georgia.

“The occupied territories of Georgia present a big problem. This is a topic we discuss everywhere, during bilateral and multilateral meetings.

“Russia continues taking aggressive steps: As for the barbed wire fences and human rights violation along the occupation line, the so-called agreements are real threats of annexation and to regional security,” the minister said.

She also added that the meetings between Georgian and Russian special envoys must continue.

“Dialogue with Russia is the only option. Every country of the world searches for ways to hold a dialogue in conjunction with various actions. The background of the dialogue will be complex, but using all our means will be our main task. Georgia has already declared many times that the conflict can only be resolved peacefully. Therefore, all methods will be used to serve this goal,” Beruchashvili said.

A couple of days ago, she stated that talks with Russia might be suspended due to Russia’s continuing aggressive steps.

The opposition United National Movement states that the current government’s policy towards Russia is a complete failure, as Russia will not halt its aggressive moves.

Analysts agree that direct confrontation with Russia is not profitable. However, some of them accuse the current government of making too many concessions to Russia.