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President to name new head of Supreme Court

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, February 9
President of Georgia GiorgiMargvelashvili will nominate candidates for the position of the head of the Supreme Court on February 23. However, on February 9, he will release the whole list of potential candidates.

According to the President’s Parliamentary Secretary GiorgiKverenchkhiladze, a few dozen candidates were suggested to the president by different organizations.

The president's advisor in legal issues Kakha Kozhoridze said that the president will make public the information about all the candidates and the organizations that presented them.

Lawyer Ana Dolidze andMP Shalva Shavgulidze are among the known candidates, while MP Tina Khidasheli is known to have rejected her nomination.

MP Shavgulidze already confirmed that if he ends up on the final list of candidates, he will go for the opportunity and leave his political career behind.

“My teammates… the people who offered my candidacy to the president, have trust in me and see me as a person who can leave all his political opinions aside and be absolutely impartial. I also share their opinion,” stated Shavgulidze.Meanwhile, Khidasheli refused to withdraw from politics.

“I am too young to leave politics and take a position where I must keep quiet. Also, my husband is the head of parliament and it would be wrong if I took the post of the head of the Supreme Court,” stated Khidasheli.

Head of the Human Rights Committee EkaBeselia, said that during voting, members of parliament will vote for the candidate, not for the organization they were represented by.

“We (members of the Parliament) do not identify our position in advance. We will make a decision based on the professionalism of the candidates,” stated Beselia.

The current head of the Supreme Court Kote Kublashvili, who will leave his position in two weeks, says that professionalism and honesty are the key skill his successor will need to have.