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Two Georgians arrested for US visa forgery

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, February 9
Two individuals were detained by police on Friday for making fake US visas. The two pleaded guilty.

The police, working together with the staff of the US Embassy’s Security Department found that two people – a man and a woman– were making fabricated documents for USD 18,000.

The woman promised a Georgian citizen a fake US visa and charged 336 laris, the visa application fee.

The two were also preparing fake documents about jobs, which is required to have in order to apply for a US visa.

The accused woman was also preparing fake Polish visas and falsifying other documents required to get a visa.

Police seized a total of USD 29,000 and EUR 2,000 from the two.

United States officials praised Georgia for the arrest. The US Embassy officials said the arrest of the two people was an example of successful cooperation between the US and Georgia.

At a press conference with MIA representatives, the US Consuls said America had a very serious attitude towards the visa application process.

"Our consulates in each state around the world try to find and prevent visa fraud,” the US officials said.

"The US appreciates the cooperation with Georgian law enforcement officers in order to protect visa procedures and the fight against visa fraud. We thank the Georgian law enforcement officers for carrying out investigative operations aimed at punishing individuals suspected of forging documents outside the embassy,” they said.