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Mountain Training Winter Course Ongoing in Gudauri

Thursday, February 12
The Intermediate Mountain Training Winter Course is ongoing on the Sachkhere Mountain Training Course. The Winter Course falls within the frames of the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Program. 12 soldiers from NATO member and partner countries Turkey, Armenia, as well as three future instructors of the Sachkhere Mountain Training School and five soldiers from the Special Operation Forces of the GAF participated in the training.

The training was led in two phases. At the first stage the military adopted the shooting skills at the Abuli firing range in the mountains. The course attendees improved their shooting capabilities from service guns in hard weather conditions and on difficult terrain at the altitude of 3,000 meters. The instructors of the Sachkhere Mountain Training School observed the training.

The participants underwent the second part of the training in Gudauri. The military exercise focused on moving, searching and rescue operations, as well as technical skiing. Within the scope of the course, they master the skills of crossing the obstacle line by skis and making snow shelters (igloo).

Intermediate Mountain Training Winter Course will come to an end in Sachkhere Mountain Training School in a week. The participants will get the relevant certificates of the course.