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Thursday, February 12
Alasania: ‘GD Has No Chance in Next Elections’

Irakli Alasania, ex-defense minister and leader of Free Democrats, said he’s convinced that his opposition party will defeat “de facto prime minister” Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream ruling coalition in next parliamentary elections.

Alasania’s Free Democrats party quit GD coalition after he was sacked from defense minister’s post following a confrontation after one former and four serving MoD and general staff officials were arrested in late October on misspending charges; they remain in pre-trial detention. Alasania says the fact that launch of court hearing was postponed twice upon the prosecution’s request further reinforces his allegations that the arrests and the case are politically motivated, aimed at targeting him.

The entire case was masterminded by “de facto premier Bidzina Ivanishvili,” Alasania said in Rustavi 2 TV’s political talk show late on February 10.

“Ivanishvili knows that they are innocent… but keeps them locked behind bars for months just because to target a political opponent… Ivanishvili copied and continued the worst that was happening during the previous [UNM] government; that is unforgivable mistake and I am convinced that the public will not forgive him this by the next elections,” Alasania said.

“These five innocent persons are personal prisoners of Bidzina Ivanishvili,” he said, adding that he’s ready to debate live on TV on the issue with Ivanishvili.

Alasania said that “informal rule” by Ivanishvili makes decision-making of government ineffective in tackling the problems, including economic issues, which “deteriorate on the daily basis.”

He said that Ivanishvili “should either return to the government and take responsibility or should completely distance himself from the government.” (

Anti-hail system aid farmers in Kakheti region

Farmers in eastern Georgia’s famous wine-making Kakheti region will no longer have to worry about losing their crops to hail thanks to the installment of anti-hail net in the area.

The new nets, being installed by the Government, aimed to reduce hail damage on crops by almost 95 percent.

The state allocated about 15 million GEL to the project. Installation of the nets was expected to continue until spring and the new system will begin functioning in summer.

DELTA, the country’s Military Scientific-Technical Centre was in charge of the hail suppression works in Kakheti. In order to protect the whole region, DELTA selected 85 launching points – one every 10 km – in Kakheti.

The anti-hail net system included a rocket launching device, solar panel, grounding and security systems installed at each launching site. The launching device will carry 24 anti-hail rockets, which can be aimed in any direction and fired.

Authorities said the aim of hail suppression works were to dramatically reduce the damage caused on crops by hail storms, reduce the size of the hail or change them into raindrops by dispersing a special reagent (silver iodide) in the clouds before the hailstones are formed.

The Anti-Hail System consists of:
A weather radar with special software
A central control station, located in Tbilisi
An automated fire control system
Rocket launching sites
Rocket launching devices - SD-56 and
Anti-hail rockets (

Head of prison facility No. 17 detained

Head of the penitentiary facility #17, Giorgi Elizbarashvili has been detained on charges of abuse of power.

According to the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia, “the investigation is underway under article 332 of the Criminal Code”.

The case is related to a violent incident between the prisoners which took place on 1 January, 2015.

“As for 7 prisoners who were involved in this incident, a criminal case has also been launched against them. The investigation is underway under Article 144 of the Criminal Code”, the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance said on Wednesday. (Frontnews)