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Parliament will study illegally-seized property cases

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, February 12
The Chief Prosecutor’s Office has finalized the classification of the cases related to the illegal seizure of properties under the previous government. Two special commissions have been launched in parliament that will study the cases and monitor the investigation procedures.

It has been reported that the legislative body will have to deal with thousands of such cases.

Head of parliament’s Legal Committee Vakhtang Khmaladze stated that solving the cases would be hard.

“As a rule, there are two types of cases – when the properties seized from various individuals are owned by the state… In this case we can return the property – and when the properties are sold. In such a situation the government should pay the new owner to give back the property to the initial holder,” Khmaladze said.

Head of Parliament’s Human Rights Committee Eka Beselia said that the two working groups will have different focuses.

“One group will work on the cases that cover the facts of humiliation of dignity. The second one will be targeted for the seized properties,” Beselia said.

Public Defender of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili evaluated the creation of the working groups positively.

“Strengthening of parliamentary monitoring is useful. The Public Defender’s Office will be involved in the investigation process,” stated Nanushavili.

The outcomes of the committees’ activities will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.