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Former Kvemo Kartli governor charged

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, February 25
The former Governor of the Kvemo Kartli region David Kirkitadze, is facing charges in absentia related to abuse of power, which resulted in the loss of budgetary funds of almost 250,000 GEL.

The investigation claims that while being in office from 2011-2012, Kirkitadze used special equipment belonging to the state to construct buildings for the benefit of two companies [Outhouse-Rustavi 2011 and Titani 2011], which were jointly owned by his brother Irakli Kirkitadze and former official Giorgi Udesiani.

The buildings were constructed on the Tbilisi-Rustavi highway. As a result, 248,400 GEL was lost from the state budget.

The Finance Ministry’s Investigations Department summoned Kirkitadze for questioning regarding the missing funds. However, the former official stated he was is in the United States, where he studies, and refused to return to Georgia.

Responding to the refusal, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office is planning to put Kirkitadze on a wanted list.

Kirkitadze’s lawyer calls the allegations absurd, stating that the investigation argues that the two pieces of equipment that were used in the construction benefited the country.

“Now I am studying and I cannot change my schedule because of these unfounded allegations,” he said.

Kirkitadze and the opposition United National Movement are sure that this is a politically motivated with hunt.

The Georgian Dream coalition excludes any political grounds in the case, and emphasizes that such topics are completely up to the appropriate bodies. They stress that the politically unbiased investigation bodies are simply fulfilling their duties, as everyone should be equal before law.