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Vice Tbilisi Mayor quits post

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, February 26
Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Aleksandre Margishvili, who has frequently been accused by the opposition of partiality, nepotism and corruption, will officially quit his post in March based on the decision of Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania.

According to Narmania, a new body will be created within the Tbilisi Mayor’s office focused on attracting foreign investment and Margishvili will chair the new structure.

Narmania stressed that Margishvili has extensive experience in the field and his professionalism would benefit the capital city’s advancement and development.

The majority of the Mayor’s Office shares this vision and dismisses the speculation with regard to Margishvili’s involvement in any wrongdoing.

United National Movement member Nika Melia claims that Margishvili was one of the sources of corruption in the Mayor’s Office.

“Narmania’s decision is unacceptable. The man must be removed from the Mayor’s Office. Jokia Bodokia, who chaired the Mayor’s Office Supervisory Department and has been detained for taking especially large amount of bribe, uncovered the corruption scheme that was ran by Margishvili and some other officials of the Mayor’s Office,” Melia said.

The opposition stresses that the Mayor’s Office has turned into a nest of nepotism and corruption and blamed Narmania for this.

The opposition also stated that there was no need for the formation of the new body, when there are relevant structures in the Mayor’s Office already.

“I would advise the opposition: mind your own business!” Margishvili replied, responding to the opposition.

“What should be my answer? I would advise the opposition to mind its own business! In the case of me being appointed as Head of the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, I will quit my post as the Vice Mayor,” Margishvili said.