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US delegation visits Georgia to support Labour sector

Wednesday, March 4
A delegation from the United States (US) is visiting Georgia to implement a new project with Georgia’s trade union to strengthen the country’s labour environment.

The delegation involves US government and trade union representatives. During their visit, the US side will meet Georgian Government representatives and Trade Union leaders, regarding a project the US wishes to implement to strengthen the country’s trade union.

The project aimed to improve the country’s Labour security and provide better legal services for workers. The US delegation will try to assure the Georgian Government about the necessity of a state labour inspection.

"During the meeting Georgia’s economic, social and Labour environment will be discussed in detail. Also, the sides will talk about the changes in Georgia’s Labour Code and how it reflected on employee’s conditions,” stated the announcement by Georgia’s Trade Union.

"Another topic of discussion will be the flaws in the law and the current economic challenges which are caused by the variability of the national currency.”

The US delegation includes the country’s Deputy Minister of Labour and the directors of AFL-CIO, which is the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, a national trade union center and the largest federation of unions in the US. (