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Is majority leader stepping down?

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, March 4
There is speculation that majority leader Davit Saganelidze might quit his post and take a high position at Georgia’s Development Bank.

A couple of days ago Saganelidze told Rustavi 2 that he was tired of the inter-party confrontations.

“When you face problems within your team from those people who should have been most grateful to you, you feel disappointed,” Saganelidze said.

Saganelidze says that very soon he will reveal the outcome of the investigation, and dispels the unfounded accusations about him printed in the media, which acuse Saganelidze of being the former government’s spy planted in the opposition.

The speculation and accusations came after the open controversy among Saganelidze and majority MP Zakaria Kutsnashvili, who strived for the post of the chairman of the Supreme Court.

Kutsnashvili was saying that Saganelidze did not consult with his team before the meeting with the president, where the majority leader and the president agreed on the criteria the future head of the Supreme Court would meet.

One of the criteria was based on which the president’s pick for the post should not be affiliated with any political party. This irritated Kutsnashvili.

The majority members dismiss speculation with regard to Saganelidze quitting.

“We need as many professionals on our team as possible,” majority MP Eka Beselia said.

“I have no information about the rumor surrounding Saganelidze. It is not true that he has some problems with his team,” Beselia stated.

Fellow majority MP Eliso Chapidze stresses that no one in the party wants Saganelidze to leave the coalition.

“We have not held any discussions over the issue,” she said.