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More EU travelers visit Georgia

Thursday, March 5
Georgia is fast becoming a tourism destination favored by guests from all over the globe.

The latest data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs showed monthly tourist numbers were on an upward trend, where a particular increase has been seen in visitors from European Union (EU) countries.

When compared to the same month last year, the number of visitors from Latvia increased by 126 percent, Germany by 12 percent, the United Kingdom by 11 percent, Italy by 10 percent, Kazakhstan by 20 percent, Belarus by 43 percent and Moldova by 21 percent.

Visitor numbers also increased in January and February this year.

Latest monthly figures from the Ministry revealed 290,929 people visited Georgia in February 2015, which was one percent less compared to the same time in 2014.

Of these visitors, 212,668 (35.4%) were tourists, 115,653 (19.3%) were in transit and 272,075 (45.3%) of visitors came to Georgia for business or other unspecified reasons.

Last month the highest number of visitors came from Turkey, followed by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia then Ukraine. (