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Tbilisi Mayor may be summoned to City Hall

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, March 10
Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania may be summoned to Tbilisi City Hall (Sakrebulo). The idea was initiated by City Hall’s independent member Aleko Elisashvili. According to Elisashvili, the recent reshuffles and corruption- related issues have created this necessity.

“We have many questions for the Mayor’s Office and to Narmania. We do not see any progress in the city. We need answers and information about the city-related topics,” Elisashvili said.

Elisashvili just needs three votes from the opposition Free Democrats to achieve this goal.

He says that the opposition members will support his initiative.

The opposition United National Movement (UNM) has already voted for the session.

UNM member at City Hall Sevdia Ugrekhelidze stressed that the Mayor’s Office is not fulfilling its obligations.

“We have a very bad situation in the city. That’s why the UNM thinks that Narmania should answer our questions. It’s a pity that Mayor Narmania has no desire to answer our questions,” stated Ugrekhelidze.

However, members of Georgian Dream (GD) do not support this initative.

Head of the GD in City Hall Rima Beradze stated that the relevant departments within the Mayor’s Office have already issued reports over the various projects and completed activities.

“We will listen to all the departments of the Mayor’s Office in the course of March, and in April we are going to invite Narmania to the Sakrebulo. We do not see any urgent necessity to hold a special session.