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Thursday, March 12
Georgian Gov’t annuls 1 billion GEL tax debt

A tax debt of 1 billion GEL will be slashed from more than 20,000 taxpayers, Georgian authorities have announced.

The country’s Finance Ministry said the goal of this action was to support Georgia’s business sector give them the ability to continue their business activities without crippling debt.

"According to the package which is initiated by the Georgia’s Ministry of Finance more than 20,000 tax payers will be free from paying their tax debts which in total amounts to one billion GEL.”

"This initiative is aimed to promote business in Georgia. Due to the accumulated tax debt that taxpayers have, they could not continue their business activities. Now they will be able to continue their activities with "clean sheets,” said the Ministry.

Currently 3,612 taxpayers are exempt from their tax debts.

Meanwhile Georgia's Ministry of Finance expected more taxpayers would apply to have their tax debts annulled. There are already 20,000 taxpayers who will be exempt from paying their tax debts however as more people are selected for to have their tax debts annulled, the amount of tax debt will exceed 1 billion GEL.

Taxpayers should apply to the Ministry of Finance to have their tax debt annulled. The Ministry will review all applications and select appropriate beneficiaries. (

Ilia Darchiashvili to head Municipal Development Fund

Ilia Darchiashvili is now head the Municipal Development Fund. He was appointed following the Prime Minister’s decree signed on March 6.

“Ilia Darchiashvili has been working with the fund as First Deputy Director since 2014,”- the agency states.

Before that, Ilia Darchiashvili worked at Georgia’s Foreign Ministry; in 2006-2012 he was a branch manager for Bank Republic. He speaks Georgian, Polish, Russian and English.

Ilia Darchiashvili has replaced Giorgi Amashukeli as the Head of Municipal Development Fund. (IPN)

Moldova wishes visa-free travel to Europe for Georgia

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova Iulian Groza, Moldovans got great benefits from the visa-free travel to the EU and wishes Georgia and Ukraine the same.

"Moldovans have already received a right to free travel to the EU-countries. We would like the issue of visa-free travel to be solved for Georgia and Ukraine just in 2015,” Groza said after the trilateral meeting held at the Foreign Ministry. (

I don’t like NATO being our goal - Gogi Topadze

As parliamentary majority member Gogi Topadze has stated on the Palitra TV program “Resume” he does not like NATO being Georgia’s goal.

According to him, NATO has not accepted Georgia and never will. “The previous government also wanted to become a NATO member. It was a 10 year long dream. I don’t like NATO being our goal. NATO has rejected us,” said Gogi Topadze.

According to Mr. Topadze, NATO has not accepted us as our NATO membership will be followed by serious problems. “I have not seen a single country that has gained any benefit from NATO integration,”- the deputy said. (IPN)

Otar Koberidze died at the age of 90

Actor and director Otar Koberidze died at the age of 90.

The Ministry of Culture, publishes information about the biography.

"The actor, director and screenwriter Otar Koberidze was born on December 17, 1924. After graduating Shota Rustaveli Institute of Art, he worked at the Sukhumi drama theater, and then worked at the Marjanishvili Theater as an actor. He became a People's Artist in 1956. He also acted in and directed Georgian Movie, and has performed more than 50 roles. As a director, he has made ten films, and wrote the scripts for three films. He has also won several awards. (Frontnews)