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Adjara head rejects local government’s dismissal

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, March 12
The head of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Archil Khabadze, rejects the demands of the Free Democrats to dismiss his government.

He told Maestro TV that the Free Democrats (FD) may collect 7 votes needed to bring the issue before the Supreme Council, but they will never be able to gather the 14 votes necessary for dismissal.

Khabadze also stressed that raising the impeachment issue is an attempt of the FD to score political points.

Khabadze claims that the party accusations with regard to the unprofessionalism and idleness of the local government are unfounded, though he could not name even one successfully completed project implemented under his leadership.

The official touched upon several unfinished hotel projects, which, according to him, could not be finalized within the given periods.

He reassured that the construction process has not been suspended in these facilities and will soon be completed.

Khabadze said that his government always encourages investment and in 2014 the government increased its investment income by 42%, while the number of tourists increased by 10%.

Khabadze did not deny that the 2014 budget was not fully implemented. He said that the shortfall was only about 7%, which is because of the current unstable economic conditions in the country.

He informed that his government responded to the ‘tightened belts’ policy initiated by the central government and the administrative expenses in his body will be reduced by 8-10% in 2015.

Khabadze had to answer concerning the nepotism-related issues, as he is often accused of nepotism by the opposition.

He stressed that his relatives worked in various state bodies before he took the current post, as for those who were appointed after his taking office, he said he had no connection with such promotions.

The opposition Free Democrats (FD) declared their distrust to the Adjara Autonomous Republic Government a couple of days ago. The party has held consultations with various MPs to register the issue.