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New regulations on dairy products

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, March 17
The Ministry of Agriculture has imposed new regulations on dairy products in order to properly regulate products.

If business operators use artificial fat in dairy products, they will no longer be able to be called dairy products. The regulations also require labeling protection.

The Deputy of Agriculture and Food Development Head Keti Laperashvili, explained that the legislation, and new regulations do not prohibit the production of milk powder products, but they must be labeled as milk substitute products, and not dairy products.

Diary and milk substitute products will be controlled by the National Food Agency.

Food Department Head Kakha Sokhadze stressed that dairy products available on the market nowadays do not meet international standards.

He said that the main aim of the regulations is to protect the interests of the consumers. The new regulations will also guarantee healthy products. He assured that the National Food Agency will properly control dairy products on the market.

Diary product companies predict a price increase on their products after the enactment of the new regulations, but they think these procedures will help to regulate the market and to protect the rights of consumers.

Cheese Producers Guild Chairman Ana Mikadze stated that such regulations were vital for the market. She stressed that natural milk products must be separated from the milk substitute products to give the consumers opportunity make their own choice on what to buy.

The new regulation will go into force from August 1, 2015. They will not affect domestic production until 2020.