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New film slams the UNM

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, March 18
Former political prisoner and leader of the organization All Generations for Georgia Gia Salukvadze, has launched a 16-minute documentary film entitled The Bloody Chronicles of Saakashvili.

The film contains footage of the violence and inhumane treatment which took place in the prisons during the former government. The presentation, held in five cities of Samegrelo, was attended by local authorities, non-governmental organizations, the Georgian Dream party (GD), teachers, ordinary citizens and even students. Information concerning the presence of the students was revealed by Rustavi 2.

They stated that they attended the presentation at the demand of their school administrations and local authorities, who also provided them with transportation. Many of the children even say that were taken to the film by deception.

The author of the film denies the presence of under aged children at the film screenings. Gia Salukvadze stressed that the children’s appearance in the cinema was a provocation by Free Zone, a group which supports the UNM.

The premier and vice-premier of Georgia also blames the Free Zone in using its young members to provoke.

“Student aged kids must not be attending such films. Anyway, there is no need for extra emotions, aggression or provocation. I call upon both sides to calm down,” the PM stated.

Free Zone rejected the accusations from Salukvadze, and accuses the government itself in manipulating the children.

The Ministry of Education considered the incident a violation of children’s rights, and said that the politicization of schools was unacceptable.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is looking forward to the results of the investigation of the Ministry of Education. According to them, children have the right to be protected from information which is harmful for them.

The opposition parties also condemned the issue. The UNM believes that the organizer of the film demonstration is the Georgian Dream, and appeals to the Prosecutor’s Office to launch an investigation.