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Narmania officially presents his deputies after City Hall approval

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, March 19
Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania has officially presented his new deputies and other officials of Tbilisi, already approved by Tbilisi City Hall at the government sitting.

“We are now on to a new stage, when most of the problems left behind by the previous authorities are settled. Now, we are moving ahead,” Narmania said after the meeting.

The opposition United National Movement members Sevdia Ugrekhelidze and Irakli Nadiradze wanted to attend the meeting and listen to the initiatives and visions pushed forward by the newly appointed individuals.

Ugrekhelidze said that previously the majority and opposition representatives had a right to vote at such sittings, but now both of them are deprived of the right.

“We have come to just listen to the new leaders and Narmania,” Ugrekhelidze said.

The opposition criticized the mayor of poor management and corruption. They tried to summon Narmania to City Hall for questioning, but the event was disrupted due to the lack of votes.

After the meeting, Narmania said that he would answer the opposition’s questions when it is specified through the legislation in April.

Narmania also said that Mayor’s Office plans to change the outdoor lighting system in Tbilisi in order to save electricity.

“The new system will reduce expenses. We call on companies to take part in the tender that we will release soon,” stated Narmania.

Tbilisi City Hall approved all the candidates named by Narmania. Dimitri Kumsishvili was appointed as the first Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, Irakli Lekvinadze was another deputy mayor, and Lasha Abashidze was appointed as the new governor of Tbilisi’s Vake district.