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The First Light Infantry Brigade Jubilee

Thursday, April 2
I Light Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces celebrated the 23rd anniversary from the foundation. A solemn ceremony was held at the Ilia Chavchavadze Memorial near Tsitsamuri. First Deputy Minister of Defence Gocha Ratiani and Chief of the General Staff of the GAF congratulated the Brigade leadership and personnel on the jubilee.

The event opened with a national state anthem. The military servicemen and the invited guests held a minute of silence in paying tribute to the memory of the Georgian warriors fallen in battles for the territorial integrity of Georgia and during peacekeeping operations.

Deputy Minister addressed the Brigade military, thanked them for the devoted service to the motherland and wished them success in their future activities.

Chief of Defence pledged support to the military of I Infantry Brigade. As Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze underlined, this day for him as for a former brigade servicemen is significant and full of pride.

In commemoration of the 23rd anniversary, an awarding ceremony was also held. Deputy Minister Gocha Ratiani granted the medal for participation in peacekeeping operations to COL Giorgi Shengelia. Three servicemen were awarded with service guns under the Order of Defence Minister for the high professionalism displayed while performing the service duties. The other military were bestowed the medals “General Kvinitadze”, “General Mazniashvili” and “Devoted to Motherland”.

At the solemn ceremony, Brigade Commander, COL Giorgi Shengelia handed certificates of the honorary members of I Light Infantry Brigade to Chief of the GS Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze, His Deputy Brigadier-General Vladimir Chachibaia, East Commander COL Aleksandre Kiknadze and Sergeant Major Manuchar Davituri.

In the course of the event, the Rugby Team members staffed by the I Light Infantry Brigade soldiers, winning the tournament in the “Seven Men Rugby” were also awarded with medals “Devoted to Homeland”.

I Infantry Brigade is one of the military units of the GAF with the greatest history since it participated in all the battles led for the territorial integrity of Georgia. The Brigade personnel have undergone Georgia Train and Equip Program (GTEP) and Georgia Sustainment and Stability Operations (GSSOP). They took part in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan peacekeeping operations.