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Tbilisi amended budget drafted amid heated debate

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, April 7
Tbilisi City Hall has discussed the amended budget for Tbilisi offered by the Mayor’s Office. The mayor’s office claims that the budget will grow to 47 million GEL, while the administrative expenses are expected to decrease.

City Hall confirmed the Tbilisi budget a month ago, despite the fact its content was disliked both by the majority and minority.

The current draft was assessed positively by the majority, while the minority remained critical.

Member of the Georgian Dream (GD) Jaba Samushia stresses that the new financial document is adjusted to the demands of Tbilisi residents.

“Tbilisi’s budget will be 851 million GEL. It means 47 million GEL growth, out of which nine million GEL was provided by the Mayor’s Office itself. 16 million GEL will be spent on infrastructural projects. Social issues still remain a priority, according to the public. That is why the opposition’s accusation is obscure to me,” stated Samushia.

Member of the United National Movement (UNM) Irakli Abesadze said that they will not vote for the new budget.

“With this new document, the Mayor’s Office plans to cut social expenses by six million GEL and grow financing for a newly established Entrepreneurship Support Center. They keep ignoring public necessities and focus on their own welfare,” Abesadze said.

Member of the Democratic movement - United Georgia Tamar Tsintsabadze, said that the Mayor’s Office has not taken any of the Sakrebulo’s remarks into account.

“We made remarks about the Tbilisi budget and the Mayor’s Office ignored them all, that is why we will not vote for the new document. We wanted them to address kindergartens more, but the problem remains unresolved, even in this new financial document,” stressed Tsintsabadze.

The Sakrebulo should vote for the financial document in the near future.