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Georgian government starts transformation of state healthcare

By Ana Robakidze
Wednesday, April 8
Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact, and a group of international experts in healthcare arrived in Tbilisi to support the Georgian government, and help build a more efficient healthcare system.

The experts had a meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili on April 8. According to the PM’s press center, Gharibashvili hopes foreign experts will help with bringing a new standard to Georgian healthcare, making it more affordable for all social classes.

“Providing our citizens with high quality, affordable healthcare is one of the priorities of the government,” Gharibashvili said at the meeting.

The new system will offer more efficient healthcare services to citizens, pharmacology Quality Assurance and Quality Control as well as organizing local branches of clinics.

“We already signed an agreement with Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact, a group of professionals who will help us to increase the quality of healthcare and decrease the number of patients who have to seek medical treatment abroad,” Minister of Healthcare Davit Sergeenko said after the meeting. He added that an action plan for reforming the system is already ready and the ministry is now preparing to launch it.

“I hope that new innovative models will enable our healthcare system to meet high European standards,” the minister said. He added that first of all, emergency and primary healthcare services, as well as pharmacy control is planned to be reformed.