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Killer to be identified soon, lawyer says

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, April 8
According to the barrister of late businessman Besik Khardziani, Malkhaz Salakaia, the businessman’s alleged murderer might be identified very soon.

According to Salakaia, the Prosecutors Office has conducted an in-depth investigation and is on the verge of opening the case.

“The alleged killer left a lot of evidence while moving through nearby streets. All the evidence has been collected and studied,” stated Salakaia

“I am sure the killer will be found and sent to prison,” Salakaia said.

Khardziani, who was actively campaigning against the current opposition United National Movement and several members of the party, was shot dead at his flat on March 29.

An unidentified individual on a motorbike shot him three times. The last shot to the head turned out to be fatal.

Khardziani’s wife, who was on the balcony at that time, witnessed the murder. Khardziani’s family claims it was an ordered hit and is pointing a finger at UNM member Giorgi Udesiani.

Udesiani rejects the accusations, and ascribes the family statements to the shock received by the loss of a loved one.

Khardzinai was detained in 2011 under the UNM government for drug-related crimes. However, Khardziani stated that his arrest was because of his refusal to hand his Turtle Lake shares to Udesiani.

Khardziani spent nearly two years in prison and stated he had experienced inhumane treatment there. He was released through the large-scale amnesty carried out by the Georgian Dream government.

When released, Khardziani sued the former authorities and was struggling to regain his property.